Note: All steel building have 2×6 girt walls for maximum support and durability of the building. Our vinyl and brick buildings have 2×4 girt walls 16″ on center for low flex and durability of the walls and building.

  • Doors

    Arcadian Doors

    Arcadian Doors

    Arcadian track doors add great character to any equestrian facility. These specific doors are crossbucked at the lower portion; with a tempered low “e” window light at the upper portion. All arcadian doors are built to match the building’s exterior.

    Double Dutch Doors

    Double Dutch Doors

    The Dutch Door is most common in equestrian buildings adding style and practicality. The door allows the individual to open either half by themselves, or the full door for full access.

    Entry doors

    Entry doors

    Also referred to as a “man door.” Two main types are the most common in pole buildings. That being the six-panel entry and the nine-light/half-glass entry door. Supplier (Milliken Doors)

    Insulated and non-insulated garage doors

    Insulated and non-insulated garage doors

    Both come in a residential or commercial style. All garage doors are painted with a baked-on enamel for durable color and style. For more in depth options (Supplier) CHI doors –

    Sliding track doors

    Sliding Track Doors

    Full & split track doors. Timberline uses the cannonball tracking system. Track doors are often placed in equestrian & agricultural buildings; though can be placed in any type of pole building design. Track doors have an advantage over garage doors as they can offer a larger opening in a building. Supplier (Cannonball) –

  • Windows

    Bale Windows Building Accessories

    Bale Windows

    The wooden bale window is most commonly built with equestrian buildings. Similar to the dutch door; the bale window has the crossbuck design. The window allows horses to view the outside at the comfort of their stalls!

    Shutters Building Accessories


    Shutters help give a building and window character. There are two styles of shutters that we offer, Louver and Panel shutters. Both come in a wide variety of colors to match any building.

    Windows Building Accessories


    There is a wide variety of types of windows that we offer from Jeld-Wen. Standard windows that are most common are the single-hung vinyl windows. This window is an insulated low e-glass 3×3 window with grids and screen. (Supplier) Silverline by Anderson Company

  • Vents

    Box Vents Building Accessories

    Box Vents

    Box Vents are a good form of ventilation. Also box vents are painted to match the building’s exterior.

    Octagon Vents Building Accessories

    Octagon Vents

    There are active and non-active vents. Active vents are typically utilized for box fans creating a cross ventilation in the building.

    Overhang Vents Building Accessories

    Overhang Vents

    The most common way to properly ventilate a building. Soffet is set to match the trims of the building. Not only does the overhang ventilate, but it adds appeal to the building.

  • Add-ons

    Cupolas Building Accessories


    Active and non-active cupolas. Sizes available are 2×2,3×3,and 4×4. Cupolas can be matched to any building. As well as many options are available for weathervane accessories. (Supplier) Plyco-

    Insulation Building Accessories


    Insulation is a great attribute to a potential project. Utilized either for insulating purposes, or for just a vapor barrier upon the roof. Often with our steel buildings we use two different grades/types of insulation. The standard grade is the plyfoil insulation(great vapor barrier, and reflects 97% of radient heat). Our better quality grade is the Solar Guard Insulation (Carries 7.6R value, and highly recommended in any pole building project for full insulating wrap). To learn more about SolarGuard and it’s attributes, go to

    Ladders Building Accessories


    Custom ladder system by Timberline. This ladder system was used for access to the upper hay mounds in a mini-farm building.

    Skybelts Building Accessories


    A skybelt is the “green” and cost efficient way of lighting any building. We use the sunsky product which is a polycarbonate light panel. Many attributes including the panels are virtually unbreakable, will not yellow, and has 100% UV protection.

  • Equestrian

    Stalls Building Accessories


    Our equestrian stalls are custom built to meet the needs of any clients. Most common of our stall packages include:

    • Cannonball sliding track door
    • Interior stall lined with 2×8 Southern Yellow Pine
    • Exterior front with 2×6 Tongue and Groove Pine
    • Standard bar system with yoke in door
    Wash Stalls Building Accessories

    Wash Stalls

    Wash stalls are a great addition to any equestrian facility. They give a designated area for the client to wash their horses and keep them clean for any possible shows and showings. This wash area is lined in treated 2×6 t&g kicksplash and a metal ceiling.

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